Plaza hotel

3d music installations

2 permanent, indoor music installations
210 min.

The Plaza Hotel project consists of two, 3D music installations [see Current TV video below], embedded in the architecture of the Plaza Hotel in NYC using Meyer Sound technology:
Installation#1: Big band set, covering hotel lobby and adjacent areas.
Installation#2: Electronic / club set covering second floor bar area.

3.5 hours of music, featuring over 70 musicians.

BIG BAND: Members of the Clayton-Hamilton big band, contracted by Ira Nepus, recorded at TuttoMedia, Venice, CA
STRINGS: Prague Studio Orchestra conducted by Ariel Blumenthal, recorded at Smecky Music Studios, Prague

    TENOR SAX & CLARINET: Anat Cohen
 Misha Piategorsky
Dory Lobel
    TRUMPET: Avishai Cohen

    Julia Albert, Noa Tucker, Michal Cohen, Michael Dees, Stephanie Bettman, Lowe Taylor, Christina Saffran


Current TV video profile


"You and me" [bigband set]


"essence/soul" [Electronic Set]