Plaza hotel

3d music installations

2 permanent, indoor music installations
210 min.

The Plaza project consists of two, 3D music installations [see Current TV video below], embedded in the architecture of the Plaza Hotel in NYC using Meyer Sound technology:
Installation#1: Big band set, covering hotel lobby and adjacent areas.
Installation#2: Electronic / club set covering second floor bar area.

3.5 hours of music, featuring over 70 musicians.

Big band: Members of the Clayton-Hamilton big band, contracted by Ira Nepus, recorded at TuttoMedia, Venice, CA
Strings: Prague Studio Orchestra, contracted by Tadlow Music, recorded at Smecky Music Studios, Prague

    Tenor sax, Clarinet: Anat Cohen
Piano: Misha Piategorsky
Guitar: Dory Lobel
    Trumpet: Avishai Cohen

    Julia Albert, Noa Tucker, Michal Cohen, Michael Dees, Stephanie Bettman, Lowe Taylor, Christina Saffran


Current TV video profile

3D Music at the Plaza Hotel,
Produced by Ari Macht, Current TV.


"You and me" [bigband set]


"essence/soul" [Electronic Set]